No engagement is routine for Senior Concierge Services.  Our routine services are special and the special events, grand!

We relieve senior’s relatives and friends of many of the non-medical activities that make independent living comfortable.  Our services leave time for the senior and their family to do the things that really matter to you both.

“Now that SCS takes care of shopping and medical appointments, Dad and I spend our time together enjoying each other.  Thanks for giving me my life back.”

“I haven’t played golf in years but last week my Senior Concierge and I went to a practice putting green.  I must say I am still pretty good.  Watch out Tiger.”
Samples of our services:

Accompany to medical appointments and take notes  
Accompany to and from travel destination  
Balance checkbooks and prepare bills for signature  
Resolve insurance and Medicare snafus  
Accompany to shopping and recreation  
Research and critique options for “next level of care”  
Arrange and participate in hobbies and sporting events  
Meal preparation and diet monitoring  
Consult with medical providers to support your senior’s medical situation  
Provide respite for families  
Genteel companionship  
Transportation and escort services to destinations, near and far  
Arrange for and oversee household repairs, housekeeping service, grounds maintenance, delivered meals and catered events
Help seniors understand the mail they receive
Run errands and shop
Assist with holiday planning and purchase, wrap and mail gifts
Teach how to use computer, Internet and cell phones
Personalized contact through telephone check-in
Monitor whether medications are on hand
Drive and assist at appointments with professional services


4829 South Richfield Circle | Aurora, Colorado 80015 | Phone: 303.946.1481 | Fax: 303.690.9560

Senior Concierge Service is not affiliated with any other senior services company or organization. We operate excusively in the Denver metro area and no other firm is authorized to use the registered trade name of
Senior Concierge Service.


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