Ann Woolford of Senior Concierge Service wants you to have all the information you want before you entrust us to assist you and your senior. Call for a free consultation.

“Holiday shopping used to be a chore.  My Senior Concierge and I shopped catalogs and she showed me how to shop on my computer. Then we made my shopping list.  The next day we went to the mall and got everything I wanted and even had lunch.  I wrote the gift cards, she wrapped and mailed the gifts. I loved the help and company but I am not sure about what she called Internet shopping or eating at a food court.  Next time, let’s eat at the club.”
Q: How does Senior Concierge Service compare in cost and quality to home healthcare or assisted living?
A: We are neither the most, nor least expensive services you can choose.  Remember that Senior Concierge Service is not a home healthcare provider.  Our services support the senior and their families in the senior’s enjoyment and security of living without constant family assistance.  The quality of our service can only be described as without comparison.
Q: How does Senior Concierge Service charge for services?
A: Most of our services are charged on an hourly basis. Because most services are customized and non-traditional, we quote you a firm price once we understand the details of your assignment.
Q: Is Senior Concierge Service a franchise?
A: No, we are a local firm. We formed this organization after our owner experienced the frustration of trying to assist her sister with her aging parents who lived out of state. Our organization is operated as though we are caring for our own parents with respect, heart, and a strong sense of humor.
Q: Who are your employees?
A: The owner is a hands-on concierge professional with a corporate background as a human resources vice president. She held management roles in national health care organizations and established and managed pre-employment screening services. We employ semi-retired registered nurses and other genteel individuals who love working with mature clients. All staff have been rigorously screened and are bonded.
Q: How do I pay for services?
A: We accept cash or checks. You may pay on a per-visit or monthly basis but we do ask that you pay us.
Q: Will you administer medication?
A: Our insurance company says “no” but we can do medication counts and see that medication is on hand so that your senior can self medicate.
Q: How will I know how things are going?
A: The owner will follow up each contact with a telephone call to both the senior and to the designated family member. We also maintain a log of the time of arrival and departure, the name of the service provider and what took place during each visit. These logs can be left in the senior’s home or a copy emailed or faxed to you on request.
Q: How quickly can services begin?
A: Once we have an understanding of the need, have verified that an appropriate staff member is available and have met with the involved family member, we will provide a quote of charges. If you wish to proceed, we will meet with your senior so that they can decide if we are a comfortable team. There is no charge for this meeting. Services can begin almost immediately thereafter.
Q: Do you provide services to individuals in assisted living or seniors residential communities?
A: We sure do. Many times the senior communities are not staffed or trained to do what we do.
Q: When we use your facility evaluation services, who does the evaluation?
A: Our staff, including a medically trained individual and the owner, conduct extensive research prior to our on-site visit.  We go on-site only upon your authorization. Site visits are completed after we interview site staff and make observations specific your senior’s requirements.  Our report is usually available in 24 hours.
Q: What areas do you serve?
A: We currently serve the area from Castle Pines to Boulder and Golden to Parker.  We can expand this area when needed but must charge an additional fee for mileage and travel time. Travel services extend beyond these areas.
Q: How do I begin services?
A: Give us a call or email us.  We promise a prompt response.


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