Senior Concierge Service provides the non-medical care and support you would provide if your schedule or location permitted.  We work with you and your senior to tailor the services to what you want.  Call for a free consultation.

“My Senior Concierge is different from other help I’ve had. They are refined, well educated and fun.   I can call them and don’t have to interrupt my kids or grandkids. It is like I have new friends.”

While providing true concierge experiences to our senior clients, we relieve their family of day-to-day, non-medical activities that complicate the lives of genteel seniors and their families. Whether we are overseeing home maintenance and upkeep, providing genteel companionship or assistance with meals, appointments or recreation, we do it in a manner that’s fun, safe and promotes independence and dignity.

 We provide an extra safety net for families and seniors who live in separate parts of the country or in our own community.

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4829 South Richfield Circle | Aurora, Colorado 80015 | Phone: 303.946.1481 | Fax: 303.690.9560

Senior Concierge Service is not affiliated with any other senior services company or organization. We operate excusively in the Denver metro area and no other firm is authorized to use the registered trade name of
Senior Concierge Service.


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